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Turkish Scholarship

Details of the Turkish Scholarship 2021 | Turkish government scholarship
The door to registration and applying for the Turkish scholarship 2021 has now been opened for all students wishing to study and benefit from the Turkish scholarship for free study in Turkey for all degrees. And because the Turkish scholarship 2021 is provided for bachelors, masters and doctorates as a gift from the Turkish government to study in public and private Turkish universities, we say that it is also a distinct opportunity for everyone who wants to obtain a free scholarship in Turkey.

Application date for the Turkish scholarship:

And as the date of the Turkish scholarship 2021 was announced, the door for registration for the academic year was opened on 01-01-2021, and the application would end on 20.02.021 as stated in the announcement of the official Turkey scholarship website.
Features of the Turkish government scholarship 2021:
The most important advantages of the Turkish scholarship is the acceptance rate, which is more than 95%, and every year more than 4000 students are accepted from all countries of the world. In addition, it is a comprehensive scholarship in all majors and academic levels. Also, the Turkish scholarship program provides an opportunity for students to study in the best recognized universities in Turkey and also provides a Turkish language course for one year. The Turkish scholarship ensures that all students adapt and adapt to the social and cultural environment. It is a grant offered to students who do not fulfill the language requirement, so we can consider it one of the most important scholarships without the language requirement

. In addition to the above, the other advantages of the Turkish scholarship are:

1. Assistance is provided with all necessary services and procedures to make the international student feel that he is residing in Turkey.
2. Provide health insurance
3. A bank account for students
4. Student residence permit
5. As well as a one-year language course.

Turkish scholarship specialties

Human Medicine
Human medicine and dentistry
Veterinary Medicine
natural therapy
social science
applied Sciences
Digital science
Agricultural Sciences
Political Science
Art, Music, and Design
Law and politics
Analytical Chemistry
German language
French language
Latin language
Linguistics and Cultural Studies
Electronic simulation
Biomedical Engineering
electrical engineering
civil engineering
Mechanical engineering
All specializations offered by the awarding institution
Natural and social sciences scholarships for hotel management
Press and media
Public Health
the pharmacy
Monuments and museums
International economy
political economy
Economy and business
Visual design and effects
graphic design
Design, Visualization and Film
Technology and Computer Science
Environmental studies
Tourism and hotel
Medical science scholarships
Granting the history of art and civilizations
Nanotechnology biotechnology scholarships
Entrepreneurship grants
Dental scholarships
Biology scholarships
Psychology and Psychiatry scholarships
Space Science Scholarships
Chemical engineering scholarships
Communications Engineering Scholarships
Petroleum engineering scholarships
Software engineering scholarships
Computer and informatics engineering scholarships
Grants for metallurgy and manufacturing engineering

Duration of the Turkish government scholarship 2021:

Four years for a Bachelor’s degree + a preparatory year for studying the Turkish language
• Five years for medical specialties such as pharmacy and veterinary medicine + a preparatory year to study the Turkish language.
• Six years for specialization in human medicine + a preparatory year for studying the Turkish language.
Three years for the Master, including a preparatory year for studying the Turkish language.

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