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Registration steps:

First: You must enter real information that matches the information sent to the Academy before that
Second: The password is the word that you will choose in order to use it to log into the platform continuously
Third: Confirm the password, that is, the same password that I chose is put in place
Fourth: After sending the application, a message will appear to you that the registration process has been successful and inform you by sending an email from the academy to your personal email to activate the registration
Fifth: When you go, the e-mail, there will be a link to enter, after clicking on it. You must choose the username and password that you have chosen.
Sixth: Any account that provides false information, the account will be canceled
Seventh: In the event of non-payment of the due installment, the account will be suspended immediately, temporarily until you make the payment
Eighth: All the information that you enter will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone


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