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Forsa Educational Academy Program is a virtual distance learning academy, through which we offer an educational program that aims to bring closer understanding of the materials and curricula given, through the Internet, and through videos recorded on the site.

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Working Together

We work together to achieve success We believe that the beginning of success is to provide an opportunity to have an opportunity, to provide an opportunity to obtain the education opportunity that young people seek in the opportunity to join Turkish universities.

Popular Courses

An integrated Turkish language course from the Istanbul curriculum includes A1_A2_B1_B2_C1
The duration of one course is 6 weeks + an online exam approved by a Turkish university.

English Learning

If you aspire to study or work abroad, in an English-speaking country, you will have to prove that you can understand and deal in the English language, as a prerequisite for your acceptance

Germany language

For those looking for a job opportunity in Germany, a family visit or stability, the first step is learning the German language

WordPress Web Development

Your first step to enter the world of web design and start a professional wordpress

Are you finding it difficult where to start and how ?for Architectural, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering students and interior engineering institutes

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Turkish Teacher

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IT Teacher


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Yes, we offer all students an academic opportunity and free short training courses that help them develop themselves and help them find better opportunities

There are two methods. The first is you can log in to the student’s section, or we can help you as soon as you send your information to us through the registration form.